Can I get an invite to the guild? @Chocomelly
Can someone invite me to the guild? Please and thank you. @kir'e
Could I get an invite for @Shawryblue, thanks
Write your @ name and you'll shoot and invite your way ^^
Please may i get a ingame guild invite :)
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Summer is getting closer and with it, the release of Morrowind. Expect a few days of empty taverns and guild halls while every roleplayer ventures to the new lands introduced with the expansion.

There is a lot of roleplay going on however, as of this moment, we have a long campaign focusing on a Reachman Threat, read more about it here. Other big event coming up would be the Tamrielympics and the 3rd Seasonal Tournament. Follow the links to find out more.

If you just joined this community, make sure to have a look in the forum where you can find guilds of various types, there is quite a few so atleast one of them should fit your character concept. We also recommend that you have a look at the Newcomer's Guide to learn more about roleplaying within StormhavenRP.

Welcome Home!

Gwynara A posted Feb 25, 17

Hello StormhavenRP!

We have grown a lot as a community these last couple of months, we see new faces appear here on the forum aswell as the ingame guild roster almost daily. I hope all of you feel at home and will continue to stay with us for a long time.

Speaking of home, the very anticipated (if not the most anticipated) update of ESO has finally arrived, Homestead! As requested, we’ve created a sub section on the forum where you’re more than welcome to share all of your lovely housing related creations, check out what the community has done so far here!.

There are many upcoming events to look forward to, created by our members. For example we have the Hammerdeath Arena for the bloodthirsty and brave. We also have the upcoming 2nd season tournament, hosted by the Battle Bards Society both of these events will guarantee enjoyable roleplay and a chance to get to know members of the community even better.

Do keep in mind though that fighting without the divines on your side might not be a good idea, so why not attend one of the Sundas Sermons? Please contact @Tyrrean for more information. 

Last but not least, make sure to visit the inn at Koeglin Village to enjoy some good company and wonderful storytelling with Tales of Tamriel

See you ingame!

oopart Thanks for the bump, Gwyn! I really appreciate it. :)

Happy New Life!

IvyIncantations A posted Dec 20, 16

The New Life festival has begun! Whether taking part in the War Orphan's Sojourn, the Castle Charm Challenge, or Mud Ball Merriment, there is not only a wealth of goodies to be gotten from the New Life quests, but also lots of lore and tidbits you can use in your own RP.

You can also get more information on the different New Life Festival celebrations across Tamriel in this UESP article. In game the festival lasts until January (Morning Star) the 4th. For more information on in-game quests, rewards, motifs, and nice screenshots related to New Life visit the ESO festival page here.

To everyone in the StormhavenRP community, have a happy Saturalia, a peaceful Old Life, and a raucous New Life to come! And here's a special seasonal greeting from the TS3 users. We look forward to welcoming you back for more RP in the year ahead.

Feynn A Merry Saturalia to all!
Litharith Happy Yule wished to all of you!
Hunts-for-Wisdom Happy New Life and a Merry Saturalia to all!
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