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Updated Community Rules

Dan™ A posted Nov 8, 18

Our updated rules post has arrived in the administration section on the forums! Please take a moment to familiarise yourselves with the content. You can view these updated rules here!

On behalf of the Admin Team, thanks for helping to make StormRP a pleasant and welcoming community. 

Guilds and Housing

Valcur A posted Aug 6, 18


The time has come to take in the feedback that has been given over the months, and to put them out on the Forum to make it easier for everyone to find active guilds and groups, and to find roleplay in amazing houses that have been made for you~
We hope to have a little (a lot of) help for this to happen, and that those who have Guilds and Houses will contact us in the Admin team to show that they are active and still exist out there.

More information on what we need can be found in the respective threads:

Guilds & Groups [EU Roleplay]

Guideline soon to be added!

Housing [EU Roleplay]

Public House name:
Short description:
House Owner:
In-Game House to Port: (For example: Ravenhurst, Snugglepod, Daggerfall Overlook)
Availability: (Open times/conditions etc.)
Available House Workers: (If there are any)
Location: (Precise to help me map them)
Tag: (For example The Houses of Nobility, Taverns & Inns, Shops & Business, Organisations etc.)
Link: (To a thread for furhter house information and screens, if there is)

Any feedback is appreciated.

Contact: Me me (I don't know how to tag myself on the forum), also @Fira4Ever (in game) and Firology#1233 (on Discord)
Or anyone from the Admin team!

I also wish you all a wonderful remaining summer~

SHRP Forum Overhaul

Valcur A posted Jun 27, 18

The forum has now had its overhaul, and all the forums and subforums have been sorted to hopefully make it easier for members orientate themselves through the many posts.
There is a possibility that single threads have ended up in the wrong places by mistake, so if you notice that your character profile or guild post etc. isn't where it should be, let any admin know so that they may help.

What now remains is for the admins to write threads that can be pinned, as well as a thoroughly updated "About Us" post that properly describes what the Stormhaven RP community is.

This is a summary on how the new arrangement looks: (Edited since first post to fit the current arrangement of the forums)

Info and Announcements

Administration - Important information on rules and technicalities that surrounds the Stormhaven RP community and its members

  • Announcements For the Admins to make important announcements that might affect the community
  • RulesGuidelines, community rules and tips for the forum
  • Member Requests and SuggestionsFor members to request help or give suggestions directly to the Admins for the community


OOC IntroductionsIntroduce and tell the community about yourself!

General DiscussionsDiscussions about general topics

Lore DiscussionsDiscussions about The Elder Scrolls lore

ResourcesHere you can share and discuss the latest news and useful tips with your fellow role players, stay up to date with add-ons, gaming and everything ESO-related.

  • RP Tips and GuidelinesShare all your tips and advice for roleplay!
  • ESO NewsShare and discuss the latest news within The Elder Scrolls world
  • AddonsHere you can find ESO friendly addons that make roleplay and gaming easier
  • GamingA forum for anything gaming related

Creative contests, everything from art to short novels

ArtA forum for members to show off their art

ScreenshotsA forum for ESO-related screenshots

Fun in Tamriel - A forum for all the fun shares and links!



Character Profiles - Split into the ten large races + Others

Guilds & GroupsA listing of all active guilds and groups dedicated to roleplay

HousingA forum for Housing and places open for roleplay

EventsPlanning and announcements of events

Calls to RP - Adverts, flyers, recruitment for both IC and OOC

  • Forum RPStrictly IC, a place to roleplay while not in-game
  • Noticeboards and FlyersFor IC recruiting and more
  • Recruitment and AdvertisementFor OOC recruiting and more

Tales of Tamriel
- Rumours, stories, roleplaying history and more

  • Roleplay HistorySummaries of past events that may be remembered by characters
  • CampfireESO and character related stories
  • PublicationsPublications that can be found throughout Tamriel
  • Rumour Mill - Here you share the latest rumours and happenings in Roleplay

Lore Guilds
Open guilds or groups that exist in Lore or are part of the world

  • The City GuardIC and OOC documents, reports, recruitment and news for law enforcement in cities around Tamriel
  • The Fighters GuildIC and OOC documents, reports and contracts that are related to the Fighters Guild
  • The Mages GuildIC and OOC notices, memoranda, reports and events that are related to the Mages Guild
  • The Outlaw RefugeIC and OOC notes, contracts, bounties and more that are related to the Outlaws of Tamriel
  • The Tamriel NobilityIC and OOC House information, couriers and places where the nobility of Tamriel rule


EDIT: Some things in the list might come to change if we realize that they aren't practical or desired enough.

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