No guild is more important than another, plain and simple. Flexar summed it up pretty well.
Apparently there was a technical issue that automatically gave the "important" tag to posts in the Guilds and Groups forum. Please don't use those tags, leave them for things like admin announcements.
I didn't notice the tag either and it was on one of my posts - so I think it may be easy to add by mistake if you're quickly scrolling through the options. For those who do choose to use it, it's their choice but I wouldn't leap to conclusions.
Well. I want a tag just for the looks lol. Tis eye catching. Yet my question held no ill intent. I was just curious. As for this discussion that sparked, I do believe the shoutbox isn't the plqce for it.
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Merry Saturalia and a Happy New Life to everyone! I will not be around much until January, and in the meantime I'll be busy working on all those admin applications and admin guidelines. I hope you are all on Uncle Sweetshare's "good kids" list , and I wish you the best of luck with the New Life Festival event. Remember to have a mug of mulled wine at the Cloudy Dregs! Best wishes of happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

Winds of change...

Feynn A posted Nov 19, 17

Dear friends and guildmates,

In the past few days, I have received a lot of general comments and feedback on Stormhaven RP, its officers, the Discord server and more. I have given this all a lot of thought, and I would like to respond to the valuable advice I have received, and for which I am grateful.

You will find more details in this thread, but here are the most important points:

1. I am soon going to post a more succint version of the Guild Rules, one which is maybe clearer and more immediately understandable, also to have a better idea of what officers are or are not supposed to do.

2. I am soon going to post an open call for applications to renew the admin team, with clear selection criteria for increased transparency. I hope everyone here can share my gratitude for the selfless and tiresome work that the admin team has been putting into running the guild. It's not the most fun way to spend one's spare time, believe me. Which is also why I hope that streamlined guild rules and clearer officer roles may ease the burden on their shoulders in future.

3. Managing the Discord server has been the main source of stress for the admin team lately, and I have received a lot of comments about that. Some of you have called for the server to be simply deleted, in fact. If there is to be a Discord server, it has to be much simpler and easier to manage, and it should not be a duplication of the forum.

Finally, once all the changes are in place, it is my intention to take a step back from administrative duties. I am happy to continue to provide any guidance as may be necessary, but I wish to let the officers take full control of day-to-day guild administration.

I hope you may all agree with these changes, or at least with the spirit behind them. If you have any comments or constructive criticism, please let me know by private message or by replying to the thread.

Happy RP!

- Feynn

Spooky adventure in High Rock

Hello Fellow Roleplayers of StormhavenRP!

Autumn is here! The people of Tamriel are busy celebrating the Witches Festival. A few changes have taken place since our last update here. We’ve created a forum sub - section for guilds & groups here for easier access of recruitments and as a means to display your active guild.

On the community Discord we have several channels devoted to roleplaying related topics. Feel free to join us there!

If you have a large event planned, you can contact one of the officers/admins and ask them to advertise it on the guild message board in game.

Xath Thank you Gwynara and all the team :)
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